Office Bearers

Board of Directors


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Linden White

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Immediate Past President:

Clark Scott

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Chapter District Delegate:
Currently unfilled
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Barry Gabler

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Currently unfilled
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VP-Public Relations:

Dave Huntley

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Member Secretary:
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Recording Secretary:
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Jim Hobbs

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Member At Large:
Currently unfilled

Music Team


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Musical Director:

Bill Eberius

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Chorus Administration


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Musical Director:

Bill Eberius

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Dave Huntley




  • Head the chapter's leadership team, plan and chair all chapter board meetings.
  • Direct the establishment of the chapter's mission statement, supporting goals, objectives, and Evaluates progress and performance of leadership team revising the plan as necessary. 
  • Responsible for compliance with BHS bi-laws, standards, required filing of forms and correct financial disbursements. 
  • Ensures that a weekly program of chapter activities is developed carried out. 
  • Serves as chapter delegate to the District HOD.  


  • Is the direct connection to the BHS and handles chapter purchases between the chapter and the society and handles the chapter creditcard from the society.
  • Business Manager for the Chapter.
  • Contacts members when their dues renewals are approaching.
  • Processes membership apps
  • Verify music is legal for contest competitions and to file a form CJ-20 with the information completed.
  • Register chapter members to district schools.
  • Files forms to register for shows etc (ASCAP, BMI etc.)
  • Ensure all music and learning material are legal.
  • Follow up on absent chapter members.
  • Stay current with society publications.


  • Coordinates chapter meeting’s with the Director
  • Sends weekly activities list by email to the members to include songs that will be rehearsed next meeting.
  • Arranges off site non music events like chapter visits, ball games, etc.
  • Tries to make meeting ‘FUN’ by coming up with activities to do that are fun during the meetings.
  • Works with the Chapter Development VP with chapter guest events.


  • Creates and maintains contacts with public media.
  • Keeps the public informed about the chapter and its upcoming events.
  • Works with the Program and Chapter Development VP’s to see that any items the chapter holds is known by the public.
  • Sees the web site and face book is kept up.


  • Chairs Music team
  • Works closely with the director in selecting music.
  • Update member music and learning media


  • An non-elected Board member who advises and assists the Chapter President and Board when appropriate.


  • Records the minutes of all board meeting and disburses them to the board 1 week after meetings.
  • Handle written communications from the board.
  • Oversees the sunshine committee.


  • Prepare an income and a yearly budget for the chapter, with help from the board members.
  • File IRS returns as required, if required.
  • Submit monthly financial reports to the board.


  • Report to the board any member concerns.
  • When asked, assist any VP or the president with help’ if possible and qualified.


Our program has been assisted by grants from the Maryland State Arts Council
and the Harford County Government through the Harford Cultural Arts Board.

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